Weekly Spin Playlist #2

All righty…This weeks spin playlist was made on the fly (wheel :)). I tried downloading new songs to my computer but only half of them worked. So 15min before my class I created this playlist. It is a combination of my new songs + my old playlists. It’s 45 min long total and features hills, sprints and jumps! To understand how I teach my classes check out my first playlist.

This ride focuses on using your breath. I recently just posted an article on the importance of connecting your breath to movement using yoga. I use the same principles I have found in yoga and apply those principles to my spin classes. One principle I have learned is that your breath controls your heart rate (among other factors.) But if you can slow down your breath you can slow down your heart rate. On this ride, I encouraged my students to slow down their breath after short bursts of sprints by breathing slower and deeper in an attempt to lower the heart rate faster allowing time to properly prepare for the next sprint.

New Songs (35 minutes total) 

1. All Night – Icona Pop

  • Warm up song. Get yourself on a nice flat road (level 3-4)

2. Let the Good Times Roll (Mashup) – Earmilk.com

  • Some warm up sprints to get your blood moving.
  • One Block: Increase cadence to around 90% effort level for 10 seconds. Back off to 60% effort level for 40 seconds. Repeat 10sec on/40sec off for the entire song. (About 4 sprint blocks.)

3. Treasure – Bruno Mars

  • Take this song as a seated and standing climb. Start at a level 5 (start of your hill) and increase resistance 3 times ending the song at a level 8. Stand in position 3 during the chorus then sit it back down. Repeat throughout the song.

4. Rock My DNA (Mashup) – Earmilk.com

  • A wonderfully fun standing climb (position 3). Make sure your hips are pushed back over the saddle so you can feel the saddle underneath your butt. Remember to breath. Start at a level 6 and increase resistance twice ending the song at a level 8. Stay in position 3 the entire song!

5. Summer Jam – Quad City DJ’s

  • Take this song as 1/2 recovery and 1/2 working song with jumps. For the recovery, find your flat road and let your heart rate come down for about 2:50 seconds. After 1/2 way take it up to standing, position 2. Get ready for some jumps from position 2 to position 1 (seated.) Remember to try and focus on your cadence. Don’t let yourself slowdown as you switch positions. Start your jumps at 4 second counts, take a break in standing position 2 every 8 jumps.

6. Miss Jackson (feat. Lolo) – Panic! At the Disco

  • Everyone’s favorite spinning move, the seated climb! Yayyyyy! Start at a level 5 and increase resistance to a level 8. (Turn the resistance knob three times.) And stay seated. To better activate your working muscles (your quads, glutes and hamstrings.) Shift your weight back in the saddle like your sitting back in a chair. That will get your working muscles activated, versus shifting your weight forward in the saddle loosing the power from your glutes.

7. Scream & Shout (Mashup) – S.I.R.

  • Take this mashup song with some jumps. Just like we did before, stand up in position 2 and count to 4. Sit it down, count to 4, stand it up. Count 20 jumps, do 2 sets of 20 jumps for this song taking a break in between sets by standing up in position 2. Focus on your caedence again! Don’t slow down!

8. Diamond Thrones (Mashup) – The White Panda

  • I hope there are some Game of Thrones fans out there because this song is for you. The mashup is GOT theme song combined with Rihanna. Boom. Mind is blown. Use this song as seated and standing hill climb. Start at resistance level 5 and increase to a level 9 (turning the resistance knob 4 times.) Have fun 🙂

9. Work Baby Work (The Prep) – Quad City DJ’s

  • Use this as a recovery song. Get back on your flat road and relax. Let your heart rate come down.

10. Dance the Pain Away – Benny Benassi

  • All right lets take it out of the saddle. Standing climb position 3, starting at a level 5 and increase to a level 8. Turning that knob 3 times throughout the song. Enjoy.

Old songs (10 minutes total)

11. Just Give Me a Reason – Pink

  • Don’t touch that resistance! You’re going to hate me but stay on that level 8 for this song. Sit it down. Keep it there and stand it up on the chourus. Alternate between sitting and standing without changing that resistance.

12. Shake it out – Florence + The Machine

  • Who doesn’t love a little Florence to end the ride?? Standing hill climb with bursts of weighted sprints (sounds awesome right?) Get yourself on a level 6-7 hill, the more resistance you add the more you’ll work. Stay in position 3. As the chorus pick up the speed to a 90-100% effort level. Quick 30 second bursts of speed on a hill (your legs will be screaming!!) Repeat these bursts of weighted sprints during the chorus (about 3 times.)

Cool down and stretch it out!

– Train hard. Tri Harder



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